Application Case

Application cases


Highly reliable performance

The screw conveyor is shorter and less powerful than the side station. High conveying efficiency, low maintenance cost in the later period, and air floating chute can also be used, which is more energy-saving and high stability. The unloading door of the temporary aggregate storage bin adopts a double-cylinder driven arc-shaped unloading door, which does not trap materials. The double-door unloading can be adjusted according to the current of the host to protect the host, which can realize high homogeneity of concrete in the mortar-wrapped stone process.


Commercial mixing plant

Commercial concrete mixing station is to send the mixed concrete to the construction unit through a special concrete mixer truck, and the model is mostly C20 (concrete for cushion)


Mixing plant is mainly used for concrete construction

Mixing station is mainly used for concrete construction projects, the main purpose is to mix mixed concrete, also known as concrete mixing station.


Main process equipment:

Main process equipment: ordinary lathe, shaper, universal milling machine, floor lathe, radial drilling machine, bridge crane, AC arc welding machine, carbon dioxide welding machine, plate bending machine, multimeter, stopwatch, electronic scale, pressure tester, roller static balance test device, signal generator, digital voltmeter, megohmmeter, Roche hardness meter, sound level meter, outside micrometer, paint film thickness gauge, roller axial displacement test device, etc.
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