XBS DXBS series products are also widely used for the conveying of fine stone concrete, fir-resistant and heat-insulating materials in various construction projects; the delivery of afforesting soil in eco-environmental construction; the pressure grouting of various basic piles.
The inner diameter of conveying pipe has developed into Φ100 based on former Φ80 so that XBS DXBS series products can convey concrete with diameter no more than 30mm,which makes XBS DXBS series products have broader applications such as the conveying of mortar, small stones and large aggregate concrete.

Based on the same site conditions and building, we take the ground handling of a project in Qingdao city as an example: all the building s are three units and 32 floors. Each floor is for 12 households. The total area is about 32,000 ㎡.
1.Persons needed for the conveying by fine stone concrete pump.
1 operator for fine stone concrete pump, 2 operators for two sets of mixers, 2 persons for cement supply, 2 persons for sands and stones supply, 2 persons for floor cleaning, 2 persons for placing, 4 persons for floor leveling. Total:15 persons.
Usually, we take the average conveying capacity as 12m³/h ( this data is for fine stone concrete pump under the condition of both working and non-working while the theoretical capacity is 20m³/h). 12m³/h*8h/day=96m³/day, placing thickness 5-6cm, so it is 1920㎡/day and 128㎡/day/person. It needs 17 days for the whole project.
2.Persons needed for the hoisting by hoister:
2 operators for two sets of mixers, 2persons for cement supply, 2 persons for sands and stones supply, 8 persons for manual conveying, 2 persons for floor cleaning, 4 persons for placing, 2 persons for floor leveling. Total:20 persons.
Usually, two trucks for the hoister; it needs about 6 minutes for low floors and 12 minutes for high floors to hoist 0.06m³/time/truck. Convey mortar and fine stone as 6 times 12 trucks per hour, divide 8 persons into 4 teams, so 12 trucks*0.06m³/truck/h*8h/day*4 teams=23m³/day. It is about 460㎡/day and 21㎡/day /person. It needs 70 days for the whole project.
Full hydraulic control features and advantages of the hydraulic system
Extend component life
overall hydraulic commutation system: the alternative commutation actions between pumping and S tube distribution doesn't involve electric signals. Little impact and noise occurs during the commutation, so the service lives of the hydraulic pump and valves are evidently lengthened.
Improve equipment reliability
Overall hydraulic system saves the intermediate process of the electric signals. In this way, the reliability of the whole equipment is greatly increased.
Reduce the failure rate
Full hydraulic commutation system adopts centralized valve plate, the hydraulic valves of main system are centralized in one valve plate. The number of cross-connected pipelines is reduced, the system gets more compact, at the same time the oil leaking possibility is decreased.
Reduce maintenance costs
Full hydraulic commutation system, deleting four parts extremely damageable in the electronic commutation system, reduces equipment maintenance costs.
Power system
Electromotor adopts the world-famous brands-Yantai motors and Beide motors of Siemens. Diesel engine adopts Tianjin LOVOL and Yuchai Brand with low energy consumption and high efficiency.
Hydraulic system: the new hydraulic commutation control technology makes the pump work more reliable and has a lower failure rate of hydraulic system. It is equipped with specially made valves with large flows, little energy consumption and light impact, ensuring longer service lives.
Main oil pump adopts joint venture brand constant power variable plunger pump. Constant power control is effective to prevent the electromotor or diesel engine from overloading. It can withstand higher pressure and load than conventional gear pump.
Cooling system: It adopts dual-cooling system, with cooling and water cooling, not only for hot climate but also for cold climate; it can effectively control the oil temperature of hydraulic system and ensure the safety and reliability.
Centralized lubrication system: the lubrication will be injected to the main oil line by the plunger pump and distributed to each lubrication point by the distributor. Point-to point lubrication protects main components from wear and tear.
Electric parts:main electric elements are Schneider and LS brand. 
Hydraulic pipe joint: the hydraulic rubber hose joint is imported from Italy, Joints and hose joint assembly are American Eaton Brand.
S tube: S tube valves are cast into shape with austenitic manganese steel, the quick wearing surface is welded with wear-resistant material, has the dual advantages of anti-high pressure and anti-wearing. The inner surface of the tube transits smoothly and concrete can flow freely in the tube, further improving the pumping performance. The splined shaft is made of alloy and the surface is specially treated, enhancing the performance of anti-wearing and anti-fatigue.
Glasses plates and cut loops: glasses plates and cut loops are made of anti-wearing horniness alloy, they have long service lives.
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