1、Humidity and temperature sensor can be choose equipped in the mixer, which can achieve the real-time detection and control of the temperature and the humidity , at the same time, guarantee the stability of the high performance concrete.

2.Completely computer control, with function of formula storage、automatic fall compensation、moisture content automatic compensation、result automation storage、printing etc.

3.High quality sensor and weighing meter with high precision and s short response time.

4.French Schneider electric elements with advanced manufacturing technology and high reliability.

5.High reliability industrial computer with optimized design and advanced function.

6.Four pictures remote monitoring system make the running status be clear at a glance.

7.The control software can automatic calculation of concrete dosage according to the length and diameter or length of a side of the tubular pile, and can set up automatically compensation quantity, concrete placing car with electronic scale can automatically assigns concrete dosage for each tubular pile.

8、Adopt vertical-shaft planetary mixer which is specialized for mixing the high grade of dry and stiff concrete.

9、Mixing building use the automatic feeding system that can completely get rid of manual operation.

10.Batching system adopts double door with coarse and fine scale design, the batching speed is fast and precision is high.

Theoretical Productivity(m³/h)6090120180
MixerMP1000MP1500MP 2000MP 3000
Batching SystemPLD1600PLD2400PLD3200PLD4800
Discharging Height(mm)4100410041004100
The Max. Diameter of the Aggregates(mm)60(80)60(80)60(80)60(80)
Automatic Cycle Period(s)60606060
Weighing Precision of Aggregate±2%±2%±2%±2%
Weighing Precision of Cement±1%±1%±1%±1%
Weighing Precision of Water±1%±1%±1%±1%
Weighing Precision of Additive±1%±1%±1%±1%
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